The West Koshu Lounge is an upscale lounge & performance venue with izakaya and far eastern flare.
A West Koshu Trading Co. Subsidiary
Mateus || Mist || w15/p6

Karaoke Night 3rd Thursday
5pm Pacific // 8pm Eastern
(Open to the Public)



Please Read our Rules for Karaoke Below!


Breaker Waves: Sapphire Gin & Blue Curacao. Garnished w/ orchids & served in a hurricane glass.

Chocolate Mint Lassi: Creme de Cacao & Menthe. Garnished w/ mint and a piece of chocolate. Served in a short glass jar.

Chuhai Highball Cocktail: Yogurt, Rolanberry or Melon Sochu, Pop, & Flavoring. Served in a ramune-bottle.

Doman Brass Monkey: Doman Whiskey, Lime Juice, Egg Whites, Vanilla Syrup, Bitters, Ginsinc & Lucuma Powder. Served in a half-highball glass.

East Meets West: Lominsan Ale served in a High-Ball glass & a Doman Whiskey Shot served in a side-car.

Elysium - Fields of Gold: Champagne, Honey, & Orange Bitters. Garnished w/ honeycomb & served in a half-highball glass.

Ishgardian Sazerac: Ishgardian Cognac, Absinthe, Sugar-Cube, & Lemon Peel. Served in a half-highball glass.

Limsan Lemonade: Limsan Rum & Lemonade made from La Noscean Lemons. Served in a high-ball glass.

Lominsan Sangria: Wineport Red, Local Citrus, Grape, Melon, & Various Seasonal Fruit. Served in a half-decanter.

Mama no Mikuru: Doman Whiskey, Coffee Bitters, Rose Water Syrup, Fig Syrup & Condensed Milk. Served in a half-highball glass.

West of Koshu: Our Strongest Drink. 151 Proof Grain Alcohol, Topped w/ Sweet Bitters, & Set Aflame. Served in a shotglass.

Yakuza no Odori: Genshu, Vodka, Blue Curacao, Blackberry, & Black Currant. Served over ice & garnished w/ La Noscean orange slices. Served in a highball glass.


Doman Dark Ale || Doman Sochu
Doman Whiskey || Hingan Sake || Hingan Umeshu

Nagxian Rice Wine || Yanxian Grain Alcohol
Yanxian Persimmon Spirits

Ishgardian Brandy || Lominsan Ale
Lominsan Gin || Lominsan Rum || Lominsan Vodka

Coffee || Tea || Pop || Sparkling Water

Izakaya Bites

Dried Squid || Edamame || Karaage (Bite-Sized Fried Dodo) || Lominsan Crisps

Roasted Seaweed || Sashimi (Catch of the Day)
Yakitori (Auroch, Dodo, Pork or Tofu)

Karaoke Night Rules

Please take the time to read our simple rules below! It will help us a great deal. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate! Much love from the staff <3

  • Please be courteous to all staff & guests.

  • 2 Songs max, unless approval is given by staff.

  • We utilize cytube, you will receive access to add your songs prior to your performance! >LINK<

  • Please sign-up before the event if possible. >LINK<

  • Inappropriate behaviors will result in an immediate removal from the premises. There will be no /roll fights, no questions asked once warned. You will be removed.